Not Sure Whether You Need to Replace Legacy Technology?

Legacy technology can be software, hardware, firmware or any other form of technology that is no longer up to date and is being used rather than the latest available versions.

Aside from making your applications and web browsers load at a slower rate, legacy technology can actually have a whole host of negative implications for your business that you may not be aware of.

Still not sure whether you need to replace legacy technology?

Why is Legacy Technology a Bad Thing?

Replace Legacy Technology

Non Scalable

Replace Legacy Technology

Limited Accessibility

Replace Legacy Technology

Liable to being Insecure

Replace Legacy Technology

expensive to maintain

Replace Legacy Technology


Replace Legacy Technology

Difficult to Update

Who Can Legacy Technology Affect?

Small to medium sized organisations will fail to meet market demand by using legacy technology, and larger scale enterprises will struggle to remain as agile as companies employing new age technology and will ultimately buckle.

Legacy technology has the potential to have a negative impact wherever it is used, regardless of organisation size, industry, or date established.

Replace Legacy Technology

How Can You Protect Your Business From The Threat of Legacy Technology?

When it comes to keeping your systems up to date and relevant, it can be difficult to gauge which technologies you need, which technology needs updating and which technology is already sufficient.

Connected World offer consultations for all businesses in order to understand the areas within their infrastructure that are up to date and sufficient as well as the aspects that require updating.

This end to end solution encompasses consultation, recommendation, implementation and maintenance of solutions. We do all of this on behalf of our clients, which gives us the title of being a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

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Replace legacy technology. Enable your business.

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