Number Manager

Inbound Call Management software to handle all of your business calls.

Inbound Call Management software

An industry leading technology for portal based call management, Number Manager gives users of the service the ability to route and divert calls through a simple to use application.

The advanced call routing technology featured in Number Manager is as cost effective as it is useful and can completely change the way in which businesses handle inbound calls.

Inbound Call Management

Never Lose Another Call

Number Manager allows you to continue answering inbound calls to your business even when all of your agents are unavailable or the call is out of office hours.

Calls can be diverted to an alternative line instantly, online or through an application.

Calls can be routed in accordance to time of day, dates or the availability of your operators. You have the option to change the way in which calls are routed or provide callers with a menu of options so that they may direct themselves.

In a moment of crisis, these choices can be made in moments and from wherever you may be.

Inbound Call Management
Inbound Call Management

make instant changes

Number Manager is designed to be a fast acting, solution providing Inbound Call Management software . This means that you do not need to send a request for changes to be made to your system and you can implement change to your system in real time.

You have full access and control of your system and if you see a change in requirement, you can make changes and adjustments in real time to meet current demand.

Real-Time Reporting

Real time reporting gives you access to reports regarding your essential call statistics. These detailed reports can be hugely useful when it comes to changing your current telephony setup and for predicting future inbound call traffic.

You can even schedule for reports to be sent to yourself and colleagues on a one off or regular basis.

Inbound Call Management

Feature Rich Inbound Call Management Software

Number Manager gives users a system with complex features in a simplified format. The broad range of call handling features and user friendly nature of Number Manager means that users can be tailoring the technology to their needs in next to no time.

Inbound Call Management

Multi Device

Number Manager is a inbound call management designed to make call handling easier, therefore it can be accessed by users across all devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Inbound Call Management

Out of hours & Missed Calls

Your inbound calls can be diverted depending on both time and date, meaning that if the call is out of office hours. You can also request for callers that don’t get through to an operator to leave a voicemail, which a manager will be alerted to via email.
Inbound Call Management

Ratio Call Plan

Calls to hunt groups can be routed to specific locations on a predefined basis dependant on a share basis. A ratio call plan ensures equal distribution of calls across sites and operators and is an effective way to avoid avoidable missed calls.
Inbound Call Management

IVR Auto Attendant

This option adds an automated menu to your number for inbound calls. For example, callers may press 1 for support and 2 to speak to an operator.
Inbound Call Management

Call Queuing

If a caller does not manage to get through to an available agent, you can choose to hold them in an intelligent virtual queue until someone is availbale.
Inbound Call Management

Hunt Group

A hunt group has the ability to cycle inbound calls through all available lines until an operator can pick up. This process can also be set up to cycle through different destination numbers at various times of the day.
Inbound Call Management

Multi-Call 'Ring All at Once'

The multi call or ‘ring all at once’ ability allows for up to seven different destination numbers to ring at the same time until the call is picked up. This service is based in Cloud technology and therefore is not restricted to a single location.
Inbound Call Management

Experienced Technical Support

Every customer receives full and thorough training regarding how to operate our inbound call management software as well as ongoing support to stay up to date with it. In the case of a problem or you simply need some advice, our support team are always on hand to help.

Inbound Call Management

Pre-Connection Greeting / Whisper

When an inbound caller reaches your line, play them a short recording such as a friendly greeting or information that may help them if they have a query. Whisper messages can also be used to notify the call recipient of the call’s origin.
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