Invosys Hosted

The Height of IP Telephony

Complex IP Telephony Made Simple

Instant improvements to the way your business communicates internally and externally can be made through introducing Invosys Hosted. The telephony technology is rich with features that can be adapted to meet the needs of every organisation as well as being both reliable and simple to use.

The interface is designed with simplicity in mind so that users can tune the service to meet their needs without being an expert in technology. As your business changes, so can your telephone system, make instant changes from wherever you are via remote access.

Built To Be Flexible

Invosys Hosted was built with flexibility in mind and offers users a huge amount of power in adapting and changing the service to suit organisational needs. Whether you need to create detailed calling options, diversions, routing capabilities or any other type of complicated function, Invosys hosted makes doing so simple.

In the occurrence of an emergency or an unexpected situation, access through your dashboard will allow you to still make changes so that you can maintain business continuity.

Invosys Hosted is entirely scalable, meaning that as your organisation grows and changes, so can your capacity for usage.

Makes Changes Wherever You May Be

Invosys Hosted is a Cloud based format which means that is can be accessed and changed from anywhere in the world at any time.

This is perfect for remote working and workers who regularly change their location of work as it affords them the same features and capabilities regardless of their location and chosen device.

Despite the simple access for users, Invosys Hosted still remains a secure option for businesses for all devices.

Conduct Remote repairs

Engineers are not needed to carry out repairs should you be experiencing problems, they can be completed from a remote location.



Instant disaster recovery

In the case of crisis, calls to your business can be redirected to other offices, mobile phone devices or an entirely different call handler.

Fully UK Based Service

Invosys is one of the few truly UK based hosted services. This means that the service was designed, developed and is now supported all within the UK. Being gown in the UK means that Invosys has and will always be within the UK regulations and requirements for a service provider.

quick and effective solutions

The team at Invosys are entirely UK based, this means that any bumps you may face along the road can be dealt with by the support or development team with a quick turnaround time.

In conjunction with UK legislation

 Current GDPR legislation has directly impacted many service providers in the UK even causing some of them to withdraw entirely. As a dedicated UK service provider, Invosys meets all current requirements and will continue to meet any future requirements. 

A Host of Useful Features and Functions

Invosys Hosted boasts a full range of useful features for users, some of which you will already use and some that may change the way your business operates in the future.

Some of the features include:


Any voicemails left at your extension are put directly into your email inbox, this stops users from having to search across devices for messages.

Dial by Name

Simplify calling by typing the name of the person you wish to speak to instead of the number.


Invosys Hosted works in conjunction with all modern IP devices, this includes brands such as Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Gigaset and softphones.

Find me, Follow me

Instantly change the way in which calls are routed to users and their devices according to preference.

Mobile Diverts

Divert calls to external mobile devices outside of your network at any point.

Hot Desking

The power to instantly move your virtual desk to another station, across multiple sites.

Network IVR

Allow inbound callers to divert themselves to the appropriate line through using multiple layered menus for conditions such as time and date.

Time of day rules

Pre-configure your system to divert calls to different operators, devices and voicemail boxes dependant on the time of day or date.

Network Queuing

If all of your available agents are engaged, automatically divert calls to an intelligent virtual queue. View the queue in real time and make changes instantly.

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