Managed Security

Managed security solutions that help you prevent cyber breaches rather than react to them.

Managed security solutions
Managed security solutions
Managed security solutions
Managed security solutions

Remedying Problems and Threats Before They Happen

Connected World regularly carries out security assessments of businesses’ current infrastructures in order to highlight potential areas of weakness that could be exploited in the future.

Our team of technicians and experts give advice regarding managed security solutions, standards of practice and causes for concern within infrastructure, highlighting where businesses are vulnerable and could be vulnerable in the future.

Managed security solutions

Connected World offers thecomplete managed security solutions package for your organisation’s infrastructure. We provide firewalls, antivirus software, email security and web security to protect your business from exploitation at the hands of malware, ransomware, trojans and other costly viruses.

Connected World work in conjunction with leading vendors in cyber security to help protect your organisation from targeted attacks and unwelcome access to your network.

When you leave your cybersecurity needs in the hands of Connected World, you can rest assured that your network, your employees, your customers and your business are all safe from attack.


75% of organisations have a significant risk of cyber security exposure.

And over half assess their incident response capabilities as either “ad hoc” or “nonexistent”. RSA Research, 2016

How Can an attack impact your business?

Cyber attacks, data breaches and other forms of unwanted access to your network can result in lost or stolen data, downtime for your business and can leave you open to further attacks.

With Connected World, you can proactively stop these types of attack before they occur.


Establish and maintain secure access to all of your business data, applications and other restricted material.

security Expertise

Connected World is an industry leading consultancy and provider of cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, anti-virus software, multi factor authentication and email/web security.


Rather than reacting to breaches and problems as they occur, our security measures isolate potential problems and threats, neutralizing them before they have a chance to develop.
assessment services
Considering a new technology? Our range of consultant-led assessment services are the best first step.
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