A full spectrum of connectivity options to suit every businesses’ needs

Connectivity options tailored to your business

Connected World has a wide range of connectivity options available for businesses all of which can be tailored to meet your personal needs as an organisation.

Using the very cutting edge in connectivity and networking technology, we offer the most diverse range of network solutions. The options that we offer allow you to share data, files, applications and any other type of information quickly and securely.

Broadband & DSL

Broadband for businesses is available from prices as low as just £10 a month, this price includes speeds of up to 24Mbps, unlimited downloads and prioritised traffic. For organisations that are bigger in size and have larger connectivity requirements, ADSL business broadband offers high speed networking that can even incorporate home workers and smaller offices.


Ethernet is suitable for businesses that need dedicated, high capacity business broadband. It offers bandwidth of up to 1Gbps, which is perfect for businesses that want to use real-time applications such as video conferencing or IP voice services. Ethernet allows for unlimited, high speed data transfer over a high capability connection that is completely scalable to any size organisation.


Multiprotocol Label Switching is a type of networking that allows businesses to establish high speed connections across geographically diverse sites. Businesses can choose between broadband, EoFTTC, EFM or Ethernet, an MPLS IPVPN connects sites to create your own private, secure network. There are many features to MPLS that makes it a great choice for diverse sites, some of the features include the ability to mark and prioritise traffic within your network and the reduction of downtime.

Leased lines & Private networks

If your business needs high speed, secure connection between two different locations, with no contention ratio, then leased lines and private networks could be the option for you.

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