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Cloud solutions for every type of business

Cloud Hosting to Suit Your Organisation’s Needs

.Connected World offers the full spectrum of Cloud based hosting platforms. Whether you require a public Cloud, a private and secure Cloud or a hybrid Cloud based platform, we have a product or service to suit your needs. 

Scalable and Flexible cloud based solutions

Connected World’s cloud based services can be tailored to meet your organisation’s requirements. Whether you need to add functionality, resources or any other additional features to your Cloud system, you can do so without server upgrades or experiencing downtime.

One of the most beneficial factors in moving to a Cloud based infrastructure is that it allows for better cost management. With the Cloud, you can better predict your overall expenses and ultimately protect your ROI.

The Cloud grants users adaptable technology, heightened security and a host of other beneficial attributes without a large initial investment.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

The cloud can completely change the way your business handles disaster recovery, it offers effective business continuity, can reduce data loss and can protect your businesses’ reputation in times of crisis.

Software as a Service

We work exclusively with one of the UK’s only dedicated hosted providers. Direct access to developers and owners allows Connected World to provide swift resolutions for problems and continued dedicated support.

Infrastructure as a Service

Connected World offers a full Cloud based server hosting service, which allows you to focus your time and money on enhancing your IT infrastructure rather than maintaining it.

Cloud capabilities

The Cloud based services offered by Connected World are flexible to meet the needs of all types and size of organisation.

Simply choose the type of Cloud you require and we will tailor the solution to meet your needs.



Cloud solutions that are scalable, on demand to meet the changing needs of organisations.


options for storage

Whether you need a public, private or a hybrid cloud solution, we can help.


choices for control

When it comes to control, you choose with as-a-service options – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS available.



Instant access to your data and applications anywhere and on any device.


extensive support

Remote monitoring of your entire Cloud infrastructure to reduce external problems and threats.



Don’t let hosting issues get in your way, Cloud based hosting avoids problems and maintains business continuity.


save on costs

Access a wider pool of expertise and technology without significant upfront costs.


Return on investment

Gain the best possible return on your investment through predicting future expenses.


Time Savings

Leave your infrastructure in the hands of the experts, we will handle the day to day running and maintenance where required.



Regular updates keep you and your Cloud hosting platform at the cutting edge of technology.



Remote access to data and applications allows teams to collaborate wherever, whenever and from different devices.



Choose Cloud based hosting and give yourself the best possible edge ahead of the competition by saving time and money whilst increasing efficiency.

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