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Connected World is Your Partner For Digital Transformation

Digital transformation involves the incorporation and integration of digital technologies and practices into your business. Digital transformation can completely reshape and optimise the way in which your business operates by improving communications, data handling and other organisational processes. We are living in the digital age and organisations that fail to take advantage of the many technologies currently available have the potential to fall by the wayside.

In order to ensure a smooth and effective digital transformation process, you need to work in collaboration with a technology provider that has both the relevant experience and understands that every business is unique and so requires a tailored approach.

This is where Connected World comes in.

Tailored Technological Business Solutions

At connected World, we know that every business is unique and comes with its own set of unique challenges. We work side by side with organisations, tailoring our approach to digital transformation to meet these challenges and ultimately overcome them.

Improved Customer Engagement

The sophisticated data management tools that we provide allow you to use data to improve your organisation’s interactions with customers at every level.

Empower your employees

Your employees are your greatest asset, equip them with the very best digital systems and technologies so that they can perform to their greatest potential.

Increase workplace efficiency

 Integrate the technologies for the handling of data, communications and all other systems within your workplace to achieve maximum efficiency and to transform your business. 

expand your business exponentially

 Stay ahead of the game by capturing new opportunities, using technology as the enabler to shift from being reactive to proactive.

Our Digital Transformation Services

In order to grow and develop your business through digital transformation, it is critical that you have access to a wide range of technologies that are both effective and easily integratable. Our digital transformation services give you the means to quickly change your business, regardless of the scale or nature of your organisation.


Proactively manage your IT department, creating solutions before problems have a chance to occur.


Whether your organisation has an in house IT support team or you require external IT support , we can help.


We provide robust, secure and flexible Cloud based solutions that can be scaled to fit the specific requirements of your organisation.


Security management that highlights and treats potential weaknesses within your infrastructure before they have a chance to become problems.


Secure, high speed networking that provides businesses with the very best solutions for connectivity.

Business Software

Make the most of intelligent, data driven business software that allows you to identify and exploit new avenues of business.


Whether you need to update your current telecom systems for functionality or introduce a completely new system, our tailored services are here to help.


If you need the help of our dedicated support team, we are just a phone call away five days a week and can even provide out of hours support as and when needed.

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