Sophisticated threat detection and mitigation technology.

Threat Prevention

SonicWall is leading the fight against inbound cybersecurity threats, this industry award winning firewall technology detects and prevents threats such as ransomware, phishing attacks and other cybersecurity breaches before they have a chance to become a problem and stops them in their tracks.

Cyber Security Built With Businesses in Mind

The SonicWall firewall technology draws insight from global security intelligence, whilst making use of a cloud based management system that provides reports and analytics along with advanced threat prevention. This combination of features results in SonicWall being the ultimate Cloud based threat detection and prevention tool.

threats from Ransomware


SonicWall prevents the threat of ransomware through a multilayered approach. The first layer is the scan that SonicWall conducts of all available files in order to detect even the most advanced of threats. The system then moves on to analysing them in parallel engines, before blocking any present threats to security. Once blocked, remediation measures are put in place to deal with the potential threat. The result of this approach is a much higher standard of security, increased response times to threats and overall a lower cost of ownership.

Encrypted Threats

Encrypted threats by their very nature are much harder to detect than other forms of threat to data and cybersecurity. SonicWall works to detect encrypted threats, decrypt them before inspecting their properties and finally neutralize their hostility. Without security provisions like SonicWall in place, organisations leave themselves open and vulnerable to encrypted threats.

Email based Threats

Email based threats have a far more dangerous potential than just filling your junk folder with spam, they can disrupt your business through distributing ransomware, malware and other viruses. To protect against attacks such as spear phishing, you need to have in place an airtight firewall system such as SonicWall.

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Wireless & Mobile Threats


Wireless, wired and mobile networks are everywhere, they are a necessary part of modern life, especially in business.

However, these information distribution networks can be vulnerable to attack by cybercriminals who intend to exploit weak spots to gain ungranted access to data.

SonicWall solutions span across your wired, wireless and mobile networks offering you full coverage from inbound attacks at all times.

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