Elastic Cloud Hosting That Anyone Can Manage

Truly Elastic Cloud Hosting

Gigaflex makes Cloud based storage and server deployment simple so that everyone can benefit from its powerful potential without needing to be server savvy.

Following the simple steps involved, you can deploy and host a vast Cloud based server or servers in a matter of seconds. As well as offering the simplified approach to elastic cloud hosting, Gigaflex also accommodates for command line server building for those that do not mind coding themselves.

Elastic Cloud Hosting
Elastic Cloud Hosting

A Revolution in Cloud Based Computing

Gigaflex has simplified Cloud based server building with their revolutionary Elastic Cloud product. Gigaflex offers advanced features and flexibility without the typical high cost similar products carry. The flexible scaling and simple interface hands the true power of the elastic Cloud over to the user so they can do what they do best without having to worry about storage.

Simple To Manage Elastic Cloud Servers


Gigaflex’s intelligence builder simplifies instance management for server builders and makes the whole process of spinning up and deploying a Cloud server much easier.

Having basic server knowledge is required, but knowing command line is not necessary to spin up and deploy a server through Gigaflex. If you do have knowledge or skills with CLI, then you can ofcourse still apply them.

Elastic Cloud Hosting
Elastic Cloud Hosting

Autoscaling to Suit Your Needs

As an elastic cloud hosting solution, Gigaflex offers autoscaling that allows you to control and adjust your usage to suit your needs. For businesses that experience peaks or seasonality, auto scaling has the potential to save them money whilst still offering comprehensive coverage.

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